Thursday, 28 March 2013

Running CADAC4 for the DH-1

This post is the documentation for running the CADAC4 program with the DH1 modules and inputs. All the software has been uploaded to a Google Code project called cadac4-dh1. The initial checkin was the version that I was running from my USB stick under windows,  using the gfortran compiler.

The second checkin was the code that I had under Linux, which can be compiled into an executable using the gfortran compiler.

To compile the main DH1 program, execute 'gfortran CADX3.FOR UTL3.FOR R3_MODULE.FOR'

The output will be an 'a.out' executable which should be renamed as 'DH1'. Running this program then reads the input files and calculates the TRAJ.ASC outputs. Refer to the CADAC4 documentation for full details.

Because I am not certain that compiling the Utility files is working correctly, I have also put the Windows/DOS versions of the utilities (CADIN3.exe etc) into a directory called DOS.

The output files can be plotted in Matlab. Start by opening Matlab in an X session:


First edit the TRAJ.ASC to remove all the headers and column names, t
hen change directory to the DH1 code, and execute the 'PlotGraph.m' script. This will generate a graph similar to the one shown.

The blue line is the altitude which tops out around 250,000 feet. The green lines and the right hand scale show the weight of the vehicle in kg, which starts off at 98,000kg GLOW.

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