Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Saddleback Large Thin Briefcase in Tobacco brown

I recently bought the Saddleback Large Thin Briefcase in the tobacco brown colour, and it arrived yesterday (2nd October 2013). The leather is amazing and it is an all around beautiful bag. The only problem is that it looks too big for my body size. I am 5'9 (178cm) and 150lb (70kg). Although I wanted the larger size to have the best fit for a 15" Macbook Pro I am just not tall/heavy enough for the large size to actually look good on me.

I am therefore trying to sell this beautiful bag. Currently it is listed on at Saddleback Large Thin Briefcase - Tobacco

The briefcase has never been used, and is still in the original plastic wrapping. I have taken it out to have a look only. Saddleback briefcases are considered to be one of the best made leather briefcases on the market. With a 100 year warranty (even if you weren't the original purchaser) these are made to last. No zippers or snaps which will break, just high quality leather with double stitching and tough pigskin lining. These are the briefcases that will last you a lifetime. The leather is the best quality full grain leather, it looks and smells fantastic. The bags will look even better in a few years time, just have a look at some of the pictures online. Also comes with the free keychain that was included in the box. 

16 ¾” W x 11 ½” H x 4 ½” D 
425mm W x 290mm H x 115mm D 

15 ¾” W x 11 ¾” H x 4” D 
400mm W x 300mm H x 100mm D 

A Review from Primer Magazine

The full product deatils are on the Saddleback Leather site.

Product Picture from Saddleback

Product Picture of interior from Saddleback

Front view

Side and back view

Back view

Front view with measuring tape for scale

Saddleback logo on the front strap

The first two photos are from the Saddleback website. About two days ago (30th Sept 2013) they updated the tobacco colour leather, so what you see on the website now is slightly different, although all the other details such as size are the same. The other pictures are of the actual bag. I will sell it for $450.

Can pick it up from me, or arrange to meet me somewhere and I can drop it off after work.