Monday, 26 March 2012

DH-1 Detail Data

DH-1 Detail Data

I have put together some summaries of all the relevant figures for the DH-1 vehicle as per the data in the book. In the version I have the are some inconsistencies with the figures used so this puts it all together to make it clear.

DH-1 Detail Data 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Why Does Space Inspire Us

I have just been reading more about SpaceX and this clip from Elon Musk is very useful. Why Does Space Inspire Us - Elon Musk

The Rocket Company Book

This book was the one which finally confirmed to me that it was actually possible to engineer a space launch vehicle which was low cost and fully reusable. Please read a copy of this book, as it contains all the details of the business plan and the DH-1 reusable launch vehicle. This is the baseline for my analysis, and I hope to fill in more of the engineering details as I go to confirm the viability of this design.

The details of the book are below:

The Rocket Company (Library of Flight Series)
Author: Patrick J.G Stiennon
1563476967 978-1563476969


This blog is the first step in achieving my goals.

There are three aims for this blog:
  1. Contact other people with a vision to build low cost reusable rockets
  2. Share information about low cost reusable rockets and the business methods behind them
  3. Provide a platform for charting my progress
I am a 32 year old Aerospace Engineer who works as a software developer. I believe that there is a revolution occurring in the space industry, as the transition from government development to private development occurs. This transition has many exciting opportunities that I want to be part of.

Therefore I have opened this blog as the first tangible step in this process. Please contact me if you wish to share ideas, thoughts, or information.