Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Updated Rocket Engine Data

I have been working on updating my summary of Rocket Engine Data. I have added in the Russian RD-192 engine, as it is about the right size for the main boost engine for the DH-1. I have been trying to find as much data on this as I can, because it runs on the Methane/LOX mixture which is of interest for the first stage.

I am also working on trying to get the OpenFOAM CFD software installed to try and get some basic numbers for the drag coefficients. At the moment the CADAC software is using the same coefficients from the basic sounding rocket example. Also the thrust calculation is a bit wrong because it assumes the exit pressure of the rocket will be the atmospheric pressure (Pe = Patm). However this is not the case especially for the sustainer RL-10A-4 engines.

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