Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pictures of the DH-1

Using the dimensions specified in the book, I have put together a quick CAD model of what the DH-1 would look like. This is useful to get a feel for the size of the structure, and by putting a manikin into the scene it also gives an idea of the actual space inside as well. I will be working on this over time to improve it, but for now this is what I anticipate a fully reusable, two stage space launch vehicle to look like!

DH-1 Both stages. The porthole for 1st stage cabin is visible between the two jet engine pods
View from the rear. The 3 large purple objects are the main boost engines.

A closeup of the 2nd stage cabin area. The curved base of the heat shield, and the cutout for the boost motor are shown. The fuel tank for the second stage would be in this lower part of the structure.
Side profile of the first and second stages together. The manikin shows where the second stage cabin area would be between the two planes.

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